Welcome to The Hunger Maims!

Description: One little birdie, looks so hungry, bring some food or it’s not funky. Your baby birdie is hungry, you have to go to forest to get some food! Be aware the foxes and black stones, they gonna kill you! There is more, the more you get food, they more your weight, you will be slow and don’t forget you can attack foxes. Enjoy the flight!

How to play?

FlyTurn LeftTurn rightAttack/Drop food
Space keyLeft key / ARight Key / DLeft-Ctrl

Collect food and return: Touch the green cloud when you collect enough food and go to next level


  • Do not contact with Fox, you will lose all you food at the first time, second time you gonna die!
  • Dangerous stone is dead end, you are going to die.
  • When you have too much food, you will be too heavy to fly and walk, remember to drop your food > Left-Ctrl!


the-hunger-maims-linux.zip 40 MB
Version 3 Dec 10, 2017
the-hunger-maims-win.zip 23 MB
Version 1 Dec 10, 2017
the-hunger-maims-mac.zip 26 MB
Version 3 Dec 10, 2017

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